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Key points for machine washed down sleeping bags

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  Cleaning a sleeping bag requires patience, and the entire process takes about 3-4 hours. It also requires certain skills. Improper cleaning methods can cause damage, reduce warmth retention, and even directly damage it.


  Sleeping bag cleaning cycle

  Generally speaking, under good usage, sleeping bags should last for 15 to 20 years.

  So how often is it appropriate to wash the sleeping bag?

  Good usage habits can greatly reduce the cleaning frequency of sleeping bags during their usage cycle.If the use of the sleeping bag is not affected, it should be washed as little as possible. Excessive frequent cleaning can damage the warmth and fluffiness of the sleeping bag, affecting its lifespan.Of course, after long-term use, the down of the sleeping bag will also be squeezed into a ball due to the erosion of dirt, which will reduce its insulation performance. The "ball" of down and the unique taste formed by long-term use need to be cleaned to solve this problem.If you want to wash it, please pay attention to these few things.

  Do not perform dry cleaning, as the chemical solvents used in dry cleaning can damage the natural oils contained in the down;

  Do not use laundry detergent, laundry detergent, clothing softener, or bleach, as household detergents can damage down and easily remain;

  If using a washing machine for washing, do not use a stirring type washing machine with a stirrer, as the stirrer may tear the outer skin of the sleeping bag.


  Down washing products

  It is important to find the right washing product. It is recommended to use professional down detergents such as Nikwax, Gear Aid Revivex, Granger's, etc. These specially formulated detergents will help protect the natural oils in down while still achieving cleaning effects and restoring fluffiness.


  Preparation before cleaning

  The detergent has been selected, but before the sleeping bag goes into the water, clean up the small stones, hay, and other debris hidden in the sleeping bag.

Turn the sleeping bag inside out. The inside of the sleeping bag is where sweat and body oil gather, and it is also the main area that needs to be cleaned.

Finally, close the zipper and buckle, and release all the pull ropes.

After everything mentioned earlier is done, start preparing to clean the sleeping bag. The sleeping bag can be machine washed or hand washed, and the prerequisite for machine washing is that the washing machine is large enough.

Be careful not to use a mixing type washing machine. The mixer in the washing machine may tear the outer skin of the sleeping bag, causing the consequences of not being able to be rescued. It is recommended to use a front mounted drum washing machine.

  Machine washing steps

  Before starting, please be sure to read the washing instructions on the water washing label, which includes the washing water temperature and precautions;

According to the instructions for using detergents, add an appropriate amount of detergent to water. Machine wash sleeping bags can be soaked or washed directly. Do not use bleach, laundry detergent, or fabric softeners;

Perform the washing procedure according to the washing temperature of the water washing label (do not use the drying function, as strong centrifugal force can damage the sleeping bag fabric and lining);

After the first washing, wash again without foam residue to ensure that the detergent residue is completely washed away.


  Machine drying

  After taking out the sleeping bag from the washing machine, it will all stick together. If there is a dryer at home, it can be put into the dryer for drying treatment.

Move the sleeping bag from the washing machine to the dryer, always lifting it from the bottom and not picking it up from one side;

Set the temperature of the dryer to a low temperature range, as too high a temperature can damage the down;

Drying is usually the most time-consuming step. For large down products such as sleeping bags, the drying process may take several hours and should be constantly checked during the drying process;

When drying, you can put a few baseball balls or rolled up clean socks in the dryer, which can disperse the down that was kneaded together during machine washing, helping to restore fluffiness.

Even if using a dryer for drying, it is still necessary to place the sleeping bag in a well ventilated and dry place to completely dry (2 days in summer and 4 days in winter).

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