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2023.01.10-01.12 Denver Outdoor Sports and Skis Exhibition

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2023.01.10-01.12 Denver Outdoor Sports and Skis Exhibition

Industry: Outdoor Goods

Sporting Goods

Sponsor: American Outdoor Industry Association, American Ice and Snow Sports Industry Association

American Denver Outdoor Sports and Skis Exhibition Exhibition Introduction

Outdoor Retailer is the largest outdoor sports and skiing goods exhibition in North America.

exhibition. Since January 2018, the American Salt Lake City Outdoor Products Exhibition will be moved to Denver, and will cooperate with the American Denver Snow Sports Exhibition

And, it has become the largest outdoor and ski professional exhibition in North America. The exhibition will be doubled by the American Outdoor Industry Association and the American Snow Sports Industry Association.

Heavy support to become North America's largest sports industry gathering in Denver.

OutdoorRetailer, Denver Outdoor Sports and Skiing Products Show, you can see the latest outdoor sports clothing, apparel, sports shoes and various

Accessories, ski equipment, the latest fabrics and other outdoor products. The show also features a variety of related events, including retailer seminars, product demonstrations, interviews with sports personalities and various press conferences.

The United States is a big country in the consumption of outdoor products, and there is a great demand in the retail market of outdoor products in the American market. Retailers, online stores and hypermarkets

Average sales were the same as in previous years. OutdoorRetailer, the Denver Outdoor Sports and Skis Exhibition, provides Chinese companies with an excellent opportunity to enter the US market. The United States is the world's largest retail market for sporting goods today, and its national consumption power ranks first in the world. China, known as the "world's processing factory", has become the main source of purchases for North American buyers because of its low-cost and high-quality products.

Exhibits at the Denver Outdoor Sports and Skis Exhibition

Snow products: Ski suits Fabrics: Thermal insulation coating, zippers, ropes/belts, skis, ski villages, ski boots, ski goggles, various bindings, guards

Wrists, time guards, knee pads, ski gloves, ski suits, ski caps

Snow accessories: sleds and other related ski equipment, wood core/metal edges, resins, adhesives, high-tech components, etc.; accessories, bandages, snow sheaths, furs/leggings, toboggans, snowboard accessories, snowboard protection products , Snowboards, Snowshoes, Lunge Turn Bars, Training Supplies

Outdoor accessories: binoculars, books/tapes/discs, compass/positioning systems, cookware/fuel, first aid supplies, emergency lights, food/drinks, games/toys/gifts, hand warmers, helmets, insect repellents, knives, magazines /cards/calendars, maps, pets, radios, sports luggage racks, sunglasses, sun protection products, travel, watches, water treatment systems, etc.

Sports fashion: belts, casual wear/thread clothing/T-shirts, children's clothing, gloves/hats, insulated outerwear, socks, swimwear, underwear, etc.

Camping supplies and backpacks: accessories, backpacks, camping equipment, children's supplies, fishing supplies, hiking boots, various pads/mattresses, sleeping bags, tents,

Travel bags, booster bars, etc.

Cycling sports goods: accessories, clothing, bags/bike bags, helmets, shoes, etc.

Mountaineering and Climbing Sports Goods: Clothing, Children's Products, Climbing Accessories, Chalk/Bag for Rock, Climbing Shoes, Climbing Wall/Support Supplies, Heads

Helmets, harnesses/backpacks, rock racks, hiking boots, climbing equipment, ropes, etc.

Footwear: Footwear care products, casual shoes, children's shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, sports shoes, etc.

Water sports: accessories, cold boats, children's products, shoes, helmets, paddles, inflatable rafts, windsurfing boards, sailing boats, all kinds of water sports clothing

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