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Where is the "outdoor" road

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Where is the "outdoor" road

Urbanization is intensifying, the population is soaring, and the pressure of urban work and life is increasing day by day; the living environment cannot keep up with the urban economy and

Population development steps; urban economic development, people's income increases; the booming automobile industry, (2004 National Automobile Year

The sales volume is 5.8 million, and the moderate growth in 2005 will be 15%-20%) These can be regarded as the future development of "outdoor"

good environment.

There is also some data to illustrate the future development of "outdoors". National Bureau of Statistics, Tourism Bureau Information: May 2000

From the first "May 1st" Golden Week to the sixth Golden Week in October 2002, 380 million people traveled each time, and the income was 152.5 billion yuan.

The average is less than 70 million people per time per Golden Week, and the income is less than 260 million per time. Arrived 2004 Golden Friday Monday and + tourists

The second is 104 million and 114 million respectively, and the income is 39 billion and 39.8 billion respectively. The person is very happy with the rapid growth rate. 2005

In 2009, the National Development and Reform Commission suggested that the double-week break should be changed to a single-day break, and a 4-day break at the end of each month would become a monthly "little golden week". people near

There are more opportunities for outdoor sports.

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