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Let's enjoy outdoor recreation with a comfortable sleeping bag

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Let's enjoy outdoor recreation with a comfortable sleeping bag

"Sleeping bags" can affect sleep quality in camping and outdoor recreation. At first glance, they all look the same, but if you choose them just because of their low price or design, you may not be sleeping comfortably or sleep deprivation, which could affect your activity the next day.

To enjoy camping and outdoor recreation as much as possible, a sleeping bag that is comfortable and has a good night's sleep is essential. It is very important to choose a suitable sleeping bag according to the intended use and object. Let's get a sleeping bag with great sleeping comfort and ease of use.


How to choose a sleeping bag?

First, I'll explain how to choose a sleeping bag. Let's not only focus on shapes and materials, but also use scenarios.

Choose the type that suits your style

There are three types of sleeping bags: [big muy type], [envelope type] and [human type]. Warmth and comfort will vary by shape, so check the characteristics of each first to find out which type fits your style. Lightweight, compact, warm "mummy"


The chrysalis is a sleeping bag with a high degree of thermal insulation that fits the shape of the body. There is no wasted space between the body and the sleeping bag, it covers the shoulders and head, so it provides excellent warmth. In addition, light and compact is also one of the attractions.

However, due to its high adhesion, it is difficult to move the body freely in the sleeping bag, and those who are not used to using the pupa type may feel a sense of pressure.

Envelope type that is easy to move in the sleeping bag and sleep comfortably


The envelope type is a rectangular sleeping bag that looks like a folded futon. It can move freely even in the sleeping bag, so it is recommended for those who want to be able to move their body in the sleeping bag.

The same envelope type sleeping bag usually has a connectable design, which can combine two sleeping bags into one large sleeping bag, which is very suitable for family use. However, its warmth, lightness and storage convenience are not as good as the pupa type. 

Things to consider

Temperature Ratings and Temperatures

It's important to know the temperature rating of your sleeping bag so you can choose the right product for your body and sleep patterns. Especially in cooler weather, hypothermia can be a cause for concern. Frankly, when it comes to warmth and caution, it's best to be cautious. If conditions are worse than expected, you can open your sleeping bag and put it over you like a blanket, backpack sleeping bags are usually three-season bags, rated between 10 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

This EN rating is the most reliable and regulated international system used by most companies, but not all. Those who use them assign each bag two EN ratings to help you better understand its seasonal capacity based on personal preference. When it comes to temperature ratings, it's best to take a conservative stance. It's also important to understand that EN ratings assume you'll be sleeping on a mat with a hat on your head and long underwear.

Comfort This is the lowest rating for keeping the average woman or cold sleeper warm, as women are more likely to sleep cold than men

Lower Rating: This is the lowest rating to keep a man or a warm sleeper comfortable.

Fill capacity indicates the capacity of the sleeping bag. The higher the fill power, the lighter the sleeping bag, and the higher the fill power, which usually indicates a drop in rating.

The only exception to this rule is that when you add to the equation, a loose bag presents the opportunity to increase dead air space, and therefore, cold places - whatever the attic is. Backpacks are usually better for weight loss purposes, but it's important to pay attention to bag size and buy one that fits your body type. Sleeping bags usually come in fixed and long lengths, with the long version being designed for tall people.

Synthetic & Down

While down sleeping bags have traditionally only been used in backpacks because their warmth-to-weight ratios don't match, companies are dramatically improving the quality of synthetic insulation, and many synthetic sleeping bags are joining the pack. Synthetic insulation is made of polyester material and in many areas, drops cannot compete - highlighting its fast drying properties and distinct advantages in wet conditions. Other advantages of synthetic insulation include non-allergic and less expensive. When you don't have a lot of money to spend on a sleeping bag, it might be worth buying a synthetic one.

The down-edged synthetic warmth to weight ratio and compressibility are also very long lasting. If you want a sleeping bag, keep its loft for 10 to 15 years, invest your money in quality, another important thing to note is that from a warmth standpoint, down is fully down when wet Useless That's why many companies treat their down with a waterproof application, resulting in a drop in "hydrophobicity" which, in addition to the waterproof face fabric, helps to keep it hydrated in wet conditions.


You'll see geese listed on some sleeping bags and ducks listed on others, what's the difference? Yes, but both keep you very warm. Goose down (from mature goose) can achieve higher fill values, including 900+, but is usually more expensive. Many companies choose duck as their choice because of its abundance and reduced expenses.

Women's sleeping bag

Obviously, women are shaped differently than men. That means, if you're a woman, there are definitely benefits to buying a women's-specific sleeping bag. Women have wider hips and narrower shoulders and are usually shorter than men. The company has applied this formula to women-specific sleeping bags, adding more width at the hips, folds at the shoulders, and making them shorter in length. Also, "Because women are generally colder than men, women's-specific sleeping bag designs tend to add insulation to the upper body and/or shoebox.


Total weight depends on many factors, including insulation weight, enclosure type, amount of insulation, and characteristics. When it comes to backpack weight, everyone has their own preferences for what they are willing to carry. Some people won't mind the extra weight of a cheap down or synthetic bag, while those with a few ounces may be looking for the best weight-to-temperature ratio they can find - or opt for half

bags, such as the Patagonia Hybrid. Slimer bags also tend to be lighter, so if weight is a priority, find a bag that fits better - or has fewer features.

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