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What kind of experience is sleeping in a sleeping bag all year round?

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  The sleeping bag that I have been sleeping at home in recent months feels quite good. Here, I would like to share the problems, advantages, and some suggestions I have encountered when using sleeping bags.


  1. You may feel overheated or catch a cold while sleeping in a sleeping bag. If the weather suddenly heats up or cools down at night, it is easy to feel overheated or catch a cold. But this problem is also easy to solve. Just prepare in advance, add a layer or sleep in pajamas when you feel it's cooling down, and vice versa. 

  2. At the beginning, there were times when the legs and feet could not be extended, making it difficult to roll over, and there was no comfortable blanket cover. However, after getting used to it, it was okay that there was no impact, which varies from person to person. 

  3. The advantage of wearing a sleeping bag with a hat is that it is warmer in winter, but sometimes the hat can be pressed under the head, which can be a bit uncomfortable. The solution is to adjust the position of the hat in advance, or replace it with an envelope sleeping bag. 

  4. Air drying is more troublesome. Sleeping bags do not have bed sheets and covers, so they need to be cleaned regularly, which is easy to wash. However, without a dryer, air drying is more troublesome, especially in winter in the south. Moreover, using a dryer requires drying twice each time, which takes about 3 hours to fully dry. 

  5. I need to choose a suitable floor mat for myself. Initially, I used a Japanese style tatami mat, but it was too thin and I felt uncomfortable after sleeping for a few days. Later, I replaced it with a sponge lunch mat, which felt too hard when I fell asleep. It wasn't until I finally replaced it with a softer two layer latex mat that the problem was solved.

  The advantages of sleeping bags

  1. Sleeping in winter is very warm, and the sleeping bag is not very breathable and does not get too damp. Even in very cold winters, the sleeping bag is always warm inside, so there is no need to warm the bed in advance. It can also avoid catching cold due to kicking the quilt. 

  2. When using a more convenient sleeping bag, there is no need for bed sheets and duvet covers, so there is no worry about the quilt core being misaligned in the duvet cover or the bed sheets falling down. You don't even need to fold the quilt, even if you want to, it can be done with one hand in 

  3 seconds. It's very worry free for lazy people. Cleaning is also very convenient. 3. Space saving: The width of an adult sleeping bag is only about 70cm, which is very space saving and flexible to move. Combined with a floor mat, it is easy to sleep in different places.    4. Cleaning does not affect warmth retention. I cleaned and dried it 7 times within 2 months, and there was no obvious impact on warmth retention.


  1. Regarding online rumors that sleeping on the floor is too damp and prone to getting sick and getting rheumatism, my suggestion is not to sleep on the floor if the room is too damp. If the floor is not damp and clean, there is no problem at all. Taking me as an example, I live on a floor above the 20th floor in Chengdu, with wooden flooring on the ground. I slept on the ground for 2 months without any signs of dampness, and there was no discomfort in my body. Previously, I placed a tissue under the floor mat and left it there for over a month without seeing any signs of moisture. 

  2. People who are too thin do not recommend using thin floor mats, as it is not related to the price.

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